Crush the Gym in these Top Exercise Apparel Picks

Gym-Crushing-ApparelWorkout Clothes To Help You Dominate The Gym!

Are you ready to hit the gym? Do you want to look great in the process? If so, then you’ll definitely want to take your time and choose some truly awesome exercise clothes. It’s just plain fun to feel good in your workout gear, but it can also be very motivating and help you to get pumped up for exercise. Plus, the right clothes can help you to move more freely and easily, so getting exercise gear that makes you feel good is really a win-win all around!

We’re going to share with you some of our very favorite exercise apparel picks for the coming season, and we hope you’ll have fun browsing through them! Remember, though, that you simply have to pick something that works for you, so if you don’t like these suggestions, keep on shopping til you find your perfect match!

Printed Leggings

So, like most people these days, we absolutely adore leggings; it’s hard to find anything more comfortable to exercise in!

What we love even more, however, is that leggings aren’t relegated to just basic black anymore. No, these days, fun printed leggings are all the rage. These “hypersonic sonar” leggings from Athleta, which feature a colorful, can’t-miss-it print are at the top of our list.

Tops with Cutout Backs

Another fun thing to try rocking at the gym are tight tops with cut-out backs. Cut-outs can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like and are a great way to show off a toned back and shoulders. We love this crazy “destroyed” top from Body Angel. Do keep in mind, though, that with cut-out backs, you want to make sure you can still move freely and comfortably, because after all, how you move is more important than how you look!

Comfy, Cute Tanks

As mentioned above, comfort really is (or should be) king when picking out workout clothes, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great for feeling great. This adorable, printed top from Sweaty Betty proves just that!

As you can see, there are lots of really awesome workout clothes out there. Some brands pride themselves on making just workout gear and on making their workout gear attractive. Whether you end up finding a favorite workout apparel brand or discovering you’re happiest in an old t-shirt, the important thing isn’t really what you wear but that you get moving!

Get Ready to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution with these Workout Clothing Picks

New-Years-Resolution-Workout-ClothesA New Year, A New You – Workout Clothes

The New Year is almost here, and with it, as always, comes new year’s resolutions. One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to be healthier and more fit, to hit the gym every day, and to lose that extra bulk and/or tone up.

No matter what your new year’s goals, if you’re going to be hitting the gym in 2016, then you definitely need to know about our awesome workout clothing picks for the coming year!

Clearance Tank Tops

The winter season is your friend when it comes to finding lightweight workout gear that’s perfect for the gym. That’s because, during the colder months, all the summer wear that the stores couldn’t get rid of is on massive clearance.

That means you can often get items like simple workout tank tops or lightweight tees for as much as a 90% (or sometimes even more!) mark-off. To find some awesome workout gear at incredibly affordable prices, start scouring the clearance racks now!

Running Gear

Another item you can often find on sale during the winter months is running gear, like runner’s leggings, sports bras (for the ladies), and warm-up jackets.

Runners take their sport seriously, and, as such, their gear can often be quite expensive. However, during and shortly after the Christmas holiday, these items tend to get marked-down to make for affordable Christmas gifts, so, even if you’re not a runner, you can find some great gym items at the local runner’s outlet or the running section of your local sporting goods store for next to nothing.

Winter Gear

If you like to sweat it out at the gym, training jackets, sweat shirts, and other winter gear are likely your go-to items. These items tend to get snatched up right before winter hits and prior to Christmas, when they’ll be given as gifts. If you get into the stores after the Christmas rush, however, you can typically get warmer clothing at a lower price, which is an awesome way to save on gym attire. Plus, remember that warmer clothes can help you to sweat out water weight and will keep your muscles nice and warm during your workouts.

Now that you know gym clothes don’t have to cost a fortune, you have no more excuses for not hitting the gym, so make it happen this year!

Exercise Clothes to Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Winter-Exercise-ClothesWinter Is Approaching – Try These Workout Clothes!

Dragging yourself out of bed and making it to the gym is a challenge even when the weather is nice. Thus, as you can imagine, forcing yourself to the gym in the chilly winter months is even harder.

However, there’s a lot of good workout gear out there that is designed specifically for those “miserable” winter months, so if purchasing some of those items will make you feel better and get you motivated, why not go for it? At the very least, having some winter-approved workout gear onhand will at least get rid of one of your excuses.


Is there anything more cozy or comfortable than a well-worn hoodie? This much-loved relaxation gear can do double-duty for you at the gym.

Not only are hoodies super comfortable and loose-fighting, which helps you to move easily, but they’re also a good way to stay nice and insulated on your way to the gym…and even once you get there.

While a lot of people shun the idea of too-hot workout clothes, hoodies have actually been shown to keep your muscles warm and limber and to help you burn more calories and sweat out more water weight. Talk about a win-win!

Thermal Leggings

When most people think of leggings, they think of thin, flimsy, tight-like excuses for pants. However, if you go for thermal leggings, you can actually stay warm while wearing them.

Thermal leggings are quilted, insulated leggings and will feel much thicker and fuller than standard leggings. They do have a little less stretch, but they’re guaranteed to keep you warm and to help you bust through all of those tough leg moves; you’ll be so warm you’ll be eager to get them over with, prompting you to move quickly and efficiently!

Training Jackets

Finally, why not invest in a good training jacket? They have all the sweat-inducing, calorie-burning power of hoodies but without all the bulk, which bothers some people.

Training jackets can be as padded/insulated or as thin and lightweight as you like; plus, they’re super slimming, so find the one that’s right for you, and you won’t be sorry!

See- there’s a lot of great winter workout gear out there, so stop making excuses and get moving!

How to Wash Your Smelliest Exercise Clothes

Smelly-Gym-ClothesKey’s To Washing Workout Clothes

Women like to smell good. It’s just part of our makeup. However, there’s one place where smelling good is not required or even expected: the gym. In fact, if you still smell like perfume after you’re done at the gym, you’re doing something wrong!

Exercise should equal sweating and hard work, which doesn’t normally smell like roses. And while it’s actually a good thing if you sweat and smell at the gym, you probably don’t want your clothes to retain that odor.

The good news, however, is that no matter how smelly your exercise clothes may be, the smell will typically come out with the right washing method.

Get Rid of Sweat Stains

First things first, take a good, close look at the clothes you wear to the gym. If you can see visible sweat stains, most commonly found under the arms, around the back of the shirts, or on the sides, that’s probably your culprit. If sweat isn’t washed out soon enough or if you just end up sweating a whole lot, that sweat odor gets ingrained in your clothes and can linger for quite some time.

To get rid of it, crush up an Aspirin, mix with water, and rub the paste onto the sweat stains. Work the mixture in good with your finger and a lot of pressure or with a toothbrush. Then, wash your clothes; ingredients in the Aspirin should lift the stain and the smell along with it!

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is often touted as having a “fresh” smell and making clothes smell great, and while it’s true that it does that temporarily, it can actually make sweaty gym odor worse in the long run!

Fabric softener, when used regularly, creates a sort of invisible “film” on your clothes, trapping in odor. It can also make clothes thinner over time, causing them to hold in odor more easily. To avoid these problems, ditch your fabric softener for good!

Go Minimalist with Detergent

Just like fabric softener, laundry detergent can trap odors in fabric too. Of course, you need some laundry detergent, but if you use too much, your machine won’t be able to wash it all away and will instead stick it to your clothes and create a film, the same way fabric softener does. Use only a small amount of detergent- usually about half the recommended amount- on your workout gear, and you (and your nose!) should notice a big difference, especially if you’re also following the rest of these tips.

Ready to add to your workout clothes selection while continuing to smell good? Find out more here.

Great Deals on Workout Clothes

Deals-On-Workout-ClothesWorkout Clothes…It’s A Steal

Are you in the market for workout clothes? Need help? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are many ways to save big on awesome workout clothes, even the name-brand stuff that’s usually so pricey so as to be out of your reach.

Keep An Eye Out For CLEARANCE

To start with, one of the easiest ways to save money is to look for clearance sales! Clearance is a time when clothes from the previous season that, for whatever reason, weren’t sold are marked way, way down in an effort to get rid of them. The best time to find clearance on workout gear is at the end of a season/the beginning of a new one. So, towards the end of fall, for example, you can start looking for markdowns on fall items. Remember, you’re most likely going to be wearing the gear indoors at the gym, so it really doesn’t matter whether it’s from the right “season” or not. What matters is the awesome price you pay for it!

Another good way to get exercise clothing cheap is through your gym. Many gyms have their own sporting goods/workout apparel stores, and sometimes, special offers, coupons, and gift certificates are extended to new members. So, if you’ve just signed up, see what’s on sale! Even if you’re not new to your gym, most gym shops typically have sales at the end of the season, just like the major retailers, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Coupons & Special Offers

Also be on the lookout for coupons and other special offers that are sent through your regular mail. These are especially common at the start of the New Year or just before Valentine’s day- times when people are typically feeling motivated to get fit. These coupons usually offer great deals on typically expensive items because they know they can sell a lot at these key times of the year and still make a sizable profit.

Finally, the best way to get FREE workout clothes is to go through your own closet and see what you already have! Many items that you haven’t worn in a while, like old, comfortable t-shirts or those stretchy shorts from your vacation, can make awesome workout clothing. While it’s definitely nice to have specialty exercise gear, not having it is no excuse for not getting your butt in gear, especially when there’s probably quite a bit you can wear to work out sitting in your very own closet right this minute!

For more ideas on how to get workout clothes on a budget, click here.

Never Look Bad in the Gym- Our Workout Clothing Picks

Mens-Workout-ClothingKeys To Looking Good At The Gym

Going to the gym, especially after a long hiatus or perhaps for the first time, is something that is intimidating to a lot of people. However, there is really nothing to fear about going (or going back to) the gym. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you are doing something great for yourself and your body, and there’s certainly nothing embarrassing about that!

However, it is normal to feel a little self-conscious in your workout gear if it’s been awhile, especially since workout clothes tend to be rather tight and constricting. The good news, though, is that, no matter what your size, there are workout clothes that you can feel great in, and we’re going to share a few of our favorite, always-flattering items with you!

Training Jackets

Training jackets are a great starter item for anyone who is self-conscious about being seen in gym clothing. These jackets are typically long and slim-fitted; plus, if you go up a size or half a size, they can give you a little wiggle room. The way they’re made will make you look fitter than you are.

Furthermore, as an added bonus, a good training jacket will help you to sweat out bloating water weight, which can make you look slimmer, and will keep your muscles warm, thereby preventing many of the injuries that are common to newbies.

Tight-Fit Pants or Leggings

When people are self-conscious about their weight, they often forego all tight-fitting clothing. And, while that can be a smart move on top, where rolls and bulges tend to form, the opposite is actually true for your bottom half.

Even if your legs and bottom aren’t quite as slender as you might like, tight-fitting bottoms can make you look smaller, especially if you go baggier on top. If you’re a guy, tighter-fitting sweatpants will do the trick, and leggings work well for the ladies. If you’re sensitive about your butt, you can always wear a longer shirt for extra coverage!

Loose-Fit Tanks

As mentioned, people who are shy about their physique tend to forego tighter clothing, and also as mentioned, this can be wise up top. None of this means, however, that you have to hide your entire upper half. For the shy people, loose fitting tank tops are a good match. They might show your arms, but seeing those muscles moving when you do will make you feel great, no matter what your size.

Hopefully, this list will provide you with some motivation to get to the gym, and remember, what you look like now isn’t what you’ll look like after a few weeks of hard work, so don’t stress and keep going! For more good tips on how to look and feel good at the gym, read this.

Top Benefits of Specialized Workout Apparel

Specialized-workout-clothesWhy You Should Go With Specialized Workout Clothes

When it comes to buying gym and workout clothing, you might think that the stuff off the clearance rack at your local Wal-Mart is just as good as the stuff from the higher-priced, highly specialized sporting goods or exercise store. Try these out.

And, while occasionally, that may be the case, more often than not, true, specialized workout apparel is a much better choice than just a basic t-shirt from the clearance rack and a pair of old shorts.

Let’s Get Moving

First of all, true workout gear is designed for movement, not just for basic wear. That means that it will never cinch in so tight at your waist that you can’t do a good twist or bind your arms and restrict movement and extension. The last thing you want during a workout is cheap clothes that prevent you from going through your routine properly!

Furthermore, workout clothes are typically specially designed for the specific type of exercise you are planning to do. Yoga clothing, for example, tends to be fitted in key places so that you can check your posture and stance and make sure you’re doing the moves properly, while running clothing is designed for easy, fast movement without chafing or riding up as you move. If you plan to participate in a particular type of exercise activity, it’s always great to choose items that are designed specifically for that activity. Click here for more info on specialized workout attire!

Safety First

Another thing to keep in mind is that true exercise gear, specifically when it comes to shoes, is going to be designed with your protection and safety in mind. Shoes for running will support your feet and toes, for example. Similarly, weightlifting clothing often provides additional reinforcement in the lower back to help guard against injury. So, by buying the right clothing you could be keeping your body from undue strain and injury.

Finally, don’t forget that most real workout gear is going to be created using moisture-wicking fabric, meaning that when you sweat, the sweat will bead up and slide right off your body, instead of soaking your shirt and making you moist and uncomfortable. You definitely don’t want that!

With so many benefits to buying and wearing real, specially designed workout clothing, it’s really not worth it to go for the basic, everyday type stuff. Plus, you can find workout gear cheap if you look around enough, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your paycheck to work out in true comfort, safety, and style.

Why Workout Clothes Should be the Most Comfortable Thing You Own

comfortable-workout-clothesUnderstand the Reason Behind Workout Clothes

There’s a disturbing trend as of late, and that trend is for workout clothes, especially workout clothes for women to be sexy, skimpy, and ultra-tight. And, while it’s always fun to look nice, that really shouldn’t be what you’re aiming for at the gym. Click here for more.

If you’re going to the gym for the right reasons, you’re going there to sweat, to get rid of stress, and to be your best you yet…not to impress other people.

For those reasons, we urge you to worry not about appearances when it comes to your workout gear but instead to focus on comfort and functionality.  Let us help you!

To begin with, if all of your workout gear is too tight, makes you feel fat, or is just plain uncomfortable, that’s going to serve as an awfully good excuse for you not to get off your tush and head to the gym. And, in a world full of pressures and demands where it’s so easy to make excuses for not exercising, the last thing you need is another excuse.

Workout Clothes Serve a Purpose

Another super important thing to keep in mind is that true workout gear shouldn’t be designed to make you look good. That’s a nice bonus, but its main purpose should be to help you move easily. That means you want to look for clothes that are not too tight and not too loose and that never bind or constrict, as well as clothes that wick away sweat and make it easier, not harder to move in all the ways your workout demands. Look for these things, not good looks, in your workout clothes, and you’ll be in much better shape (both literally and figuratively).

Finally, keep in mind that, if you’re working out the right way, you’re going to put some pretty heavy wear and tear on your workout gear. Running and jumping, lifting and lunging, and all the rest should wear holes in your pants and put sweat stains all over your shirts if you’re working to your full potential. The last thing you need to be worried about is ruining the cute, expensive workout gear you bought.

The bottom line is don’t get caught up in things that don’t matter- like how your workout clothes look. Just get into something comfortable and get to the gym!

The Best Fabric Types for Sweat-Wicking

Manage-SweatHow To Deal with Sweat-Wicking

When it comes to working out, the easiest way to know if you’re doing it right is if you sweat when you exercise. Sweating means you’re putting in the right amount of effort and that you aren’t holding back. And, unfortunately, while sweating may be a good sign, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. No one wants to work out in wet, soggy clothes, which can cause chafing, rawness, and pain.

If you’re someone who sweats a lot during a workout, it’s important that you purchase clothes made from sweat-wicking fabric. That term, “sweat-wicking,” simply means that instead of just letting sweat sit on and soak into your clothes, the material will draw the sweat out to the clothing’s outer layer where it can evaporate quickly.

There are a wide variety of sweat wicking fabrics available, so you’re not stuck with just one material. Read on to learn about the fabrics that are the very best at wicking away sweat.

Natural Fabrics

To begin with, natural fabrics are always going to be better than synthetic fabrics when it comes to sweat-wicking capabilities. Natural materials, such as cotton, wool, and linen are more lightweight and more “breathable” than most synthetic materials. They dry quickly when sweat is introduced and keep you feeling cool and comfortable, even when you’re working out hard. However, some natural fabrics can be bad about showing sweat stains to the world, so if you embarrass easily, these fabrics may not be the best choice for you.

Coolmax Clothing

Another option you have is to purchase Coolmax clothing. Coolmax is a trademarked fabric that is designed specifically to keep the body cool and dry. In fact, it is marketed as moisture-wicking material and made specifically for use in exercise clothes, and many people swear by it. It works by drawing moisture away from the skin and helping it to evaporate more quickly. Coolmax can be a little on the pricey side, however, but most people think it’s well worth it.

Any Specially Designed Exercise Apparel

Finally, bear in mind that the exact type of fabric you choose doesn’t matter so much as whether or not it’s made in such a way as to get rid of sweat. Typically, if clothing is specifically designed for exercise or promotes itself as sweat-wicking, it’s a safe bet, no matter what it’s made of.

With these tips, hopefully you can stay cool and dry on your next trip to the gym!

All You Need to Know About Women’s Exercise Clothing

womens-workout-clothesWomen’s Exercise Clothing 101:

Buying exercise clothing for women can be a little tricky. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman yourself or just shopping for the special lady in your life. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right things. Fortunately, by following a few basic and highly informative tips, you can pick the perfect attire each and every time.

Comfort Matters Most

First things first, the most important quality to look for in any workout gear is comfort! If workout clothing is scratchy, chafes, gets wet with sweat too easily, rides up, or is in any way uncomfortable, no one is going to want to wear it. And hating one’s gym clothes is an easy way to end up making excuses not to go to the gym.

You can buy the fanciest, most expensive workout attire in the entire world or the cheapest stuff off the rack- it doesn’t matter. No matter how much you pay, if it’s uncomfortable, it won’t get used, so look for soft material, loosely fitting designs, and moisture-wicking fabric to ensure every purchase is comfortable and wearable.

Select Stretchy Materials

Another important thing to look for in workout gear is a nice amount of stretch! Most people who are working out are doing so to lose pounds and inches, which means that, if they’re successful, their bodies are going to be changing quite a bit over time.

As such, you don’t want something that’s very specific in terms of size. Look for something that can fit a wide range of body types and that has a nice amount of stretch so that it will conform to the wearer. That way, the owner can wear the clothes for quite some time, no matter what changes happen to her body. For more info, click here.

Thin and Light

Finally, make sure you choose women’s workout gear that is thin and light. Yes, that’s the opposite of what you might normally look for in clothes, but thinner, lighter materials are easier to layer and easier to just toss in a gym bag when on-the-go. You definitely don’t want anything that needs special treatment. Basic, easy to wear, easy to wash garments are where it’s at.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you should end up with perfect exercise attire each and every time.

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